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Site Equipment

To get the job done, you need the right equipment. Intex is your source for top quality site equipment ideal for a range of applications.

From reliable, high-quality dust barriers to basic stools and trestles, we have everything you need for a quick and efficient job. Our inventory features products from some of the industry's most trusted brands. This ensures that you only get quality products at competitive prices.

Dust Barriers

Dust in the workplace can settle on the furniture, cracks and crevices. This increases cleanup time and could lead to some unhappy customers. Keep dust contained and uphold your reputation with dust barriers from Intex.

Our dust barriers are reusable, giving you excellent value for money.

Lighting and Electrical

Your work place should always be well-lit. Proper lighting makes it easier to work and minimises trips and falls. We offer a wide range of work lights and electrical equipment, including batteries, extension leads and more.

Panel Carts

Do you need someone to do the heavy lifting for you? Our panel carts are ideal for transporting plasterboards and other materials. Our panel carts offer optimum manoeuvrability, with a heavy-duty construction.

Panel Lifters

Lift plasterboards safely and with ease with heavy-duty panel lifters from Intex. Our panel lifters allow you to work faster, increasing efficiency at the work place.


In need of planks for use at the workplace? We offer a selection of durable planks for a variety of applications.


Intex offers a selection of high quality stilts perfect for working with ceiling and high walls. Our stilts are comfortable and ergonomic, giving you more reach while maintaining full mobility. Our stilts are great alternatives to footstools and ladders.

Stools and Trestles

Every workplace requires quality stools and trestles. Choose from our selection of durable stools now.

Intex can find you the best products for the job. Call us today to learn more.