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High-Quality Safety Equipment from Intex

Your safety is always our top priority. From knee pads to safety glasses, we have everything you need to help you minimise the risks while you work. We offer a comprehensive selection of safety products designed and engineered with the needs of the construction and civil engineering industries in mind.

Protect yourself from head to toe with Intex.

Dust Masks

Intex offers high-quality dust and mist respirators to prevent the inhalation of hazardous particulate matter. We offer both disposable and reusable face masks, each one offering superior filtration without compromising its breathability. All our dust masks meet the New Zealand Standards.


Keep dust, droplets and other irritants away from your eyes with industrial grade safety glasses from Intex. Our safety glasses are ergonomic and comfortable to wear, and offer a complete eye safety solution for your workplace.

Knee Pads

Find heavy-duty knee pads for all your professional needs. Comfortable to wear and ergonomic, our knee pads are fully adjustable to ensure a good fit. They offer additional protection for the knees without compromising your mobility.

First Aid

All work spaces need a good first aid kit. We have a selection of first aid products so that you can respond swiftly during emergencies.

Lighting and Electrical

Find quality work lights and electrical products here at Intex. Keep your work site well-lighted at all times.


Intex is your source for high-quality safety products here in New Zealand. View our complete selection below or contact us for any enquiries.