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Dust Masks and Respirators

Don't let dust bother you!

Intex offers an extensive range of dust masks and respirators designed to keep dust away from you, and away from your lungs.

Made to meet the needs of construction and civil engineering industries, our dust and mist respirators provide maximum protection from the inhalation of hazardous dust and mist particles.

Engineered for Your Needs

Our dust masksprovide varying levels protection from dust particles. We have disposable face masks for general use, as well as half face respirators for added protection.

Fine dust is a known irritant, and can cause respiration problems if inhaled. When working with drywalls, you want to make sure that you keep that dust under control.

Our dust mask respirators work well against the inhalation of plaster dust, mists and solvent vapours. Each mask and filter meets the highest New Zealand Standards; so that you can be assured that you are receiving products that you can rely on.

Comfortable and Contoured

Our dust masks and respirators are ergonomic and comfortable. They are contoured to match the shape of the face, with adjustable nose pieces and straps for easy fitting.

The shape of your mask matters -- it should fit properly so that it is both effective and comfortable to wear.

Dust masks need to sit snugly against the skin to ensure that it filters out all dust particles. Any gaps may allow some dust to pass through without being filtered out. This is why we designed our masks to be as ergonomic as possible.

Competitively Priced

All of our face masks are competitively priced, giving you more value for money. You only get quality dust masks at fair prices -- so stock up and provide your workers with the protection they need.

Intex is your source for reliable dust mask respirators. View our full selection below.