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Power Tools

When the term ‘power tools’ are mentioned, their purpose should be imminent. These tools are much more than conventional ones. Power tools like those from brands that Intex features — Starmix, Useit, etc. — are tools actuated by an additional power source and/or mechanism, as a way of complementing the manual effort.

Power tools are supposed to take the accomplishment of various jobs to the next level. The additional output provided by the mechanisms drastically cuts down production time and overall effort. Wasting resources is a thing of the past when power tools are in the equation.

Intex’s ‘work smarter, not harder’ is at the heart of our services and offerings. Manual labour may seem like an ode to tradition, but the ever-increasing demands of the workplace have made it almost obsolete. Efficiency and speed is now critical to success. Tighter completion windows and more stringent job requirements make power tools more important than ever before.

It’s the 21st century, and its high time that the workplace seems like it is in the modern era. Power tools serve as an excellent proof of human ingenuity; that there is always a faster and a better way of doing things. This is what we believe in at Intex, and this is what we want the world to see.