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The Intex Useit® abrasive pads occupy the same podium as their Intex Starmix® counterparts in the job site cleaning/finishing niche. A result of German technological ingenuity, Intex Useit® abrasive pads are more than just sanding pads.

Conventional sanding involves dust. A lot of it. This can present multiple problems in the long run. Case in point, clogging of related equipment. There are also the inevitability of scratch and swirl marks on the surface that are supposed to be blemish-free. Keeping these issues at bay is where the Intex Useit® Super Pads excel.

The pads are specially designed to resist swirl and scratch marks while preventing the dust to build-up on the surface. This is achieved by a series of holes punched through the abrasive paper. Dust passes through these perforations and away from the surface, preventing congestion. All of this result to a truly immaculate finish, as well as a smooth glide over the surface without the need to apply additional pressure. It will be an easy job for the sander, overall.

Intex Useit® Super Pads are the future. Forget about dealing with dust and unwanted blemishes on a surface: always expect a superb finish every time. This is again an allusion to Intex’s mantra, "Work smarter, not harder."