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Flat Boxes

The Intex Automatic Flat Boxes ‘crown the joint’, consistently dispensing the correct amount of joint compound and feather the edges of flat and butt joints in one pass.

The exclusive Intex Automatic Flat Boxes produce an excellent finish every time with approximately 50% of the effort required when using standard Flat Boxes due to the reverse spring design, hence the name ‘Automatic’.

Benefits at a Glance:
  • Crafted with premium grade USA materials
  • Hardened steel blade with brass blade holder and adjustable crown settings
  • Pivoting axle to help compensate for uneven wall surfaces
  • ‘No Swell’ door gasket, use any lubricant without worry
  • Rubber O-ring roller wheels provide a soft ride
  • Hinged door with no spring operation for ultimate cleaning efficiency
  • BigMudda holds 40% more compound than standard boxes; less trips to the pump!