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Corner Finishers

Used with the Intex Corner Box, the Intex Angle Heads are used during both the Base Coat & Finish Coat phases to produce perfect 90° internal corners with minimal effort.
The Corner Finishers can be used for square set corners or wall-to-ceiling internal corners.

Base Coat: After using the Intex Corner Roller to force excess joint compound from behind the paper joint tape in internal corners, attach an Intex Angle Head to the Intex Angle Head Handle to wipe down the excess joint compound. This will embed the paper joint tape in compound and smooth both edges simultaneously.

Finish Coat: Attach the Intex Angle Head to the Corner Box to apply the correct amount of joint compound to both sides of the internal corner simultaneously. The Angle Head properly feathers the edges, finishing both sides in one single pass. Wider Angle Heads are used on successive coats to produce the best results.

Benefits at a Glance:
  • Precision machined billet aluminium head and durable stainless steel wings ensure longer wear and performance
  • Fool-proof locking mechanism locks and retains angle head on the handle ball
  • Spring loaded action compensates for imperfect angles, perfectly riding the wall
  • Built TradeTuff® with premium grade USA materials