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Intex offers products from several of the world’s best brands in the business. Three of these brands are Intex Starmix®, Intex Useit®, and Intex Giraffe®. All products are intended to fulfil Intex’s age-old mantra: “Work smarter, not harder” by reducing manual effort and resource expedience without compromising work quality.

In The Spotlight: ZIPWALL

ZipWall® requires no tools, tape or fixings, leaves no damage to walls, ceilings or floors and is reusable many times over. Working height options are from 1.5m - 6.0m.

Versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications, it works well whether the ceiling is straight or slanted. This construction dust barrier is designed to work with negative air, to ensure that absolutely no dust escapes. It can withstand moderate pressure to higher pressure situations — just adjust the poles as needed.

ZipWall® is the most effective temporary containment barrier for total dust control, protecting your health and your professional reputation. The ZipWall dust barrier system is easy to use and is a cost-effective, zero dust solution that meets your needs.