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ZipWall Dust Barrier System


The Zero Dust Solution

Create and dismantle effective dust barriers in minutes, leaving no damage at all!

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Processes, such as sawing, grinding, sanding and drilling produce high amounts of dust. This is why you need ZipWall. ZipWall is a high-quality dust barrier system that makes cleanup a breeze. ZipWall® is a system of adjustable spring-loaded poles and plastic sheeting used to form a construction barrier or create a work zone. Ideal for containing dust during renovations, demolition and maintenance in sensitive or occupied areas. Cleanup time, cost and effort is reduced to a minimum.

Anyone who works with dust knows just how much of a mess it can make — it is lightweight and flies everywhere, covering everything around you with a fine layer of particles.

Dust cleanup is notoriously difficult, because it can settle in hard to reach areas and cover a wide radius. Cleaning up is time consuming, taking time away from the actual job and costing you money. If you are doing repairs or renovation work, the dust may even settle in areas that should otherwise remain clean and untouched — you can potentially end up with some very irate customers. After all, no one wants their carpets ruined.

ZipWall® requires no tools, tape or fixings, leaves no damage to walls, ceilings or floors and is reusable many times over. Working height options are from 1.5m - 6.0m.

Versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications, it works well whether the ceiling is straight or slanted. This construction dust barrier is designed to work with negative air, to ensure that absolutely no dust escapes. It can withstand moderate pressure to higher pressure situations — just adjust the poles as needed.

ZipWall® is the most effective temporary containment barrier for total dust control, protecting your health and your professional reputation. The ZipWall dust barrier system is easy to use and is a cost-effective, zero dust solution that meets your needs.

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