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The Original & The Best

If you’re not using Intex Useit® then you’re simply not using the best – an excellent finish every time
Our heavy-duty Intex Useit® sanding discs are more than just sanding discs. The Intex Useit® Superpads feature proprietary design that sets it apart from the rest. Each sanding pad’s patented aspects eliminate dust contamination of the sanded surface. You can forget about clogging issues once you use Intex Useit® pads. All that you’ll have in the end is a thoroughly finished surface worthy for a King

If you’re not using Intex Useit® then you’re simply not using the best – an excellent finish every time.

Intex Useit® Super Pads are the genuine German made sanding pad that allows you to create the perfect surface for a perfect finish.

The combined effects of the unique foam layer, hi-pile velcro backing and soft malleable backing paper creates the Intex Useit® Super Pad that lasts longer, resists swirl and scratch marks and delivers the smooth finish that architects require.

Perfect companion for the Intex Giraffe® and Okapi® Sanders, Flex, Portacable and many more.

Buyers Beware

But beware, however, of counterfeit Useit abrasives. Fortunately, it’s easy to identify a genuine product.

• Start by looking for the Useit logo on backing, and watch out for the following patent numbers: US-Patent 5,810, 650 EP-Patent 0 781 629 B1.

• Take a look at the holes. All homes must be punched through the abrasive paper, and not through the backing.

• Genuine products also have a unique coating, which has holes punched to the edge of the pad rim.

Insist on the best and ask for Intex Useit® Super Pads!
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