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Starmix Dust Extractors

Starmix Dust Extractors are more than just industrial vacuum cleaners in New Zealand—they are a complete dust control solution for the job. Whatever task awaits you on the job site, removing asbestos, draining flooded rooms, grinding concrete, sanding plaster and paint, or just a good cleanup, it doesn’t matter - tackle it with Starmix®!

Intex has a variety of vacuums and dust extractors for sale. Tough and rugged, these machines are perfectly suited for continued daily use. Starmix dust extractors create a powerful suction, keeping your work area clean and clear of dust and liquids. It works for both wet and dry applications. Some models are even compatible with HEPA filters, which filter out hazardous particles such as asbestos and lead based paint dust.

All of our Starmix industrial vacuum cleaning systems are made to last. Intex is committed to quality — Starmix comes with a 24-month warranty.

Starmix is the dust extractor you can count on.