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Need some finishing touches to a drywall, or need some help with other applications? Various Intex tools can help with that. You can choose from several sanders, automatic taping and finishing tools, arch beads, stopping angles and casing beads and more.

Drywall Sander Choices

We recommend looking at two main options: the Giraffe and Okapi sanders. The Intex Giraffe sander is much like its namesake — the long-necked design allows for easier reach of ceilings as high as 3 metres without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

The Okapi, on the other hand, is a more compact choice perfect for sanding in smaller areas, under stairs, on scaffolds, in large cupboards.

Both options are designed for sanding plaster boards, cement boards, and styrene insulation panels. It is also ideal in preparing surfaces for coating/painting.

Other Essentials

Aside from proprietary Intex drywall tools, the company also offers angles, trims, stopping/casing beads, and expansion joints. Varying measurements ensure that each option is tailored to highly specific angling and joint requirements. There’s also Intex’s line of taping and finishing tools — each product designed to give drywall finishing a major boost. Jobs can be finished 50% faster without compromising the overall quality of the final product. With these tools, there’s more than enough time left to focus on other important aspects of the project.

Everything in this catalogue fulfils Intex’s age-old mantra: work smarter, not harder. Each product is designed to cut job completion times by a significant margin, ensuring that workers expend less effort on otherwise resource-burning tasks. Teams often find themselves focusing too hard on jobs that could’ve been completed long ago — this causes costly delays in the long run. Intex’s products put emphasis on preparation for the inevitable, hence, the “work smarter” tenet.