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Taping & Finishing Tools


Work Smarter, Not Harder! 

Superior Engineering, Proven Performance, Excellent Finish,
Less Fatigue.
Intex NZ WEBSITE SLIDER WSNH LLR The Challenge: To be a successful Drywall Finisher, you need to work efficiently as possible to ensure you can complete jobs perfectly and on time.

The Risk: Working harder with the same manual tools, increases the risk of poorer quality workmanship, body burnout and fatigue.

The Solution: Work Smarter, Not Harder, using the 5 Year Guaranteed Intex Taping & Finishing Tools. Finishing drywall up to 50% faster, delivering excellent an finish with less fatigue.

The Advantage: Completing the job faster means more profit for your company, more opportunities to win more jobs, less fatigue and more time for yourself.
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