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Drywall Domination: Improving Your Interior Walls and Ceilings 08/05/2017
Choose Your Drywall Based on Your Room's Purpose 23/03/2017
Drywall Sanding and Plastering: Getting the Right Finish 22/12/2016
New Rod-less Caulking Gun 04/10/2016
New LED Worklight range 29/08/2016
TallMuddaTM - New Loading Pump 12/08/2016
Join Starmix Hoses For Extra Length 06/05/2016
New Trade Tuff Auto Tools Brochure 29/04/2016
Intex at the 2016 BuildLink Conference 14/04/2016
Death to Dust - TAKE NO RISKS! 01/04/2016
Ban the Broom - Silica Dust 29/02/2016
Why Flex? Why GE5R? 29/02/2016
ZipDoor - Contain That Dust 29/02/2016
Maurerfruend - New Render Tool Range 12/01/2016
Full Circle - New Air Series 12/01/2016
New Discount Structure 12/01/2016
MegaRewards 22/02/2010
JungleBrolly 01/01/2010
New Flex Vario 01/08/2009








Drywall Domination: Improving Your Interior Walls and Ceilings

Builders and property owners once gave drywall ‘the cold shoulder’. The construction material was not recognised, several decades ago, as an ideal replacement to plaster. When World War II came, however, drywall became a viable option because plastering was labour intensive. With labour shortage and war costs, builders used the inexpensive material more and more – and they soon discovered its many benefits.

shutterstock 443937595

Fire Protection

The name implies that the material is ‘dry’, but in reality, it is not. Drywall is made of gympsum, a mineral which contains a large amount of water in crystalline form. This is why the construction material appears dry. The crystalline water molecules also enable the material to provide fire protection for your home and other buildings.

How does its fire protection capability work? When temperatures rise, the crystalline water destabilises and vaporises as the crystalline water reaches boiling point. This keeps the drywall cool, thereby providing protection to the structure behind it.

Choosing Your Drywall

Drywall does not only afford protection, it also meets a variety of applications because it comes in different types. For example, you can install sound board drywall for rooms in which noise is a problem. Made of viscoelastic polymers, sound board drywall turns noise energy to heat energy.

Another example is the flexible drywall, which is suitable for areas with tight curves or arches.

If you are building an eco-friendly property, you will find drywall sheets made of grass, straw and wheat. You can also look for EcoRock, a sustainable drywall that is recyclable and made from industrial by-products, such as fly ash and kiln dust, among others. 

We know choosing the right drywall equipment is equally important to ensuring a high-quality finish to your walls and ceilings. We offer a range of tools and brands to meet your installation requirements.

At Intex, we make drywalling easy – and beautiful spaces, affordable. Email or call us today.



Choose Your Drywall Based on Your Room's Purpose

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There are different types of drywall or plasterboard available, suitable for a number of purposes. Your drywall is more than just a wall covering for your interior rooms — they can provide additional protection from rot, mould and even fire, depending on the type that you use.

Here at Intex, we offer a variety of drywall tools for sale so that you have everything you need to install and finish the walls to your liking. Our tools will allow you to work with any type of drywall that you may have.

Loft in Garage with Drywall

Currently, there are about six basic types of drywall available:

Regular Drywall

Regular drywall, or white drywall, is the most widely used plasterboard available. It is often white on one side and brown on the other, and is typically sold in 1200 x 2400mm sheets. The thickness of regular drywall ranges from 10 mm to 16mm. It is an all-around drywall that is suitable for most types of rooms.

Moisture Resistant Drywall

Moisture resistant drywall, like its name suggests, has a water resistant covering that makes it ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. It is not waterproof, so it should not come in contact with water directly, but it is often a popular backing material for tiles. It is also used in ceilings.

Plaster Base Drywall

Plaster base drywall is a type of drywall that has an absorbent surface that allows plaster to adhere to it. It serves as a base for veneer plastering. This type of board works well in bathrooms because of its moisture resistant properties, and it is also a good choice for basements or any place with a lot of moisture.

Paperless Drywall

Some types of drywall no longer use paper, using fibreglass surfaces instead. This type is more resistant to rot and to mould because the fibreglass surface provides additional protection for the gypsum board. This board is ideal for kitchens and living spaces.

Fire Resistant Drywall

A fire resistant drywall is thicker than regular drywalls and is ideal for use in areas where there is an increased fire hazard. It is ideal for garages, apartment buildings and rooms with heating appliances or fireplaces.

Soundproof Drywall

A soundproof drywall is thicker and denser than other types of drywall to help muffle and diffuse noise. Soundproof drywalls are ideal for homes with sound studios, and can also be used for houses that are located near high traffic areas. It is also popular for use in bedrooms, allowing the people in the room to sleep soundly.

Once you have chosen your drywall, consider our range of drywall tools for easy installation. Contact us today. 


Drywall Sanding and Plastering: Getting the Right Finish

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A perfectly finished drywall creates lightweight, yet durable walls, offering superior fire resistance. Drywalls can also be designed to create unique architectural features, such as arches, eaves and niches, or applied to columns and conceal beams.

Drywalls are easy to install and repair. Throughout the years, it has since replaced the traditional plastered walls and became the favoured construction material for home interiors; it is now the industry standard for new homes around the world. 

Drywalls reduce installation time, but to get the best quality finish, careful techniques should be carried out. Whether you are doing DIY home improvements or a professional drywall installer, getting the right finish is crucial to achieving the best results.

Taping and Plastering

When installed, drywall panels need to be taped to prevent them from shifting and cracking. Drywall panels are flexible, and can move as a result of temperature changes and slight movements to the building’s frame.

Drywall tape bonds adjacent sheets and supports the structure. This keeps the panels together and allows you to apply plaster or joint compound, also called ‘mud’, to the surface of the drywall. The mud removes imperfections and hides the joints of the drywall panels, leaving a perfectly smooth wall. This gives the illusion of the wall being one continuous, solid piece.

Use Intex plastering tools to get an even application of plaster. We also offer automatic taping tools for easy taping.


Once your joint compound is dry, you will need to sand the area to smoothen the wall. Our sanding tools allow you to remove any imperfections. Our Giraffe sanders have a long neck, allowing you to sand walls without the need for ladders or scaffolding. Our Okapi sanders are great for smaller, harder to reach, areas.

Sanding your drywall also prepares the surface for painting. This makes it easier for the paint to adhere and achieve a smooth, finished look.

A quality finish is achievable if the right steps are taken and the right tools are used.  For more information about our drywall tools, contact Intex today.  


Patented Rod-less Caulking Gun

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Innovative new design of caulking gun with no drive rod 

Instead of having a solid drive rod which protrudes out the back of the gun, this innovative design uses flexible steel strapping to compress the cartridge.
SSF-188P with intex logo (1)-560

When retracting the plunger to add/remove a cartridge, simply slide the top black knob towards the front of the gun, which returns the plunger to the back of the gun. 

IMG 20161004 085024 hdr-588-776 IMG 20161004 085046 hdr-234

  • Unique patented rodless design for small areas
  • Light weight by strong - high density plastic
  • Belt clip - can be switched to either right or left



New Portable Worklight Range

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Brand new portable LED worklight range coming soon 

  • New solid glass refractor
    • Perfect spread of light
    • No glass pane to smash
  • Unique slim design with folding handle
  • Ultra heavy duty aluminium casing
  • USB charge output (30w battery only)
  • Extra power outlets (main power versions)
  • Full and half output options
  • 20 and 30w battery options, 35 and 60w powered options
These new worklights are a step above the rest with their ultra durable casing and solid glass reflector. 
Their unique adjustable heavy duty handle makes them versatile, but folds flat for storage, taking up less space in the truck. Extra power outputs on the powered options makes them a must have for any tool kit.

We will be releasing more info on these shortly, follow us to keep up to date


TallMuddaTM - New Loading Pump

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Back pain from bending over? Intex new TallMuddaTM will sort that 

Standing at 800mm high, the TallMuddaTM  loading pump eliminates the need to bend over when loading your tools. Work smarter, not harder.

View the new  TallMuddaTM  or check out the full range.

Man Tallmudda BK-89580143 ATT Still (21)-521-306



Join Starmix Hoses For Extra Length

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You know how sometimes you really need a longer vacuum hose? Starmix has the easy solution.


Starmix new hose cuffs can be inter-connected to make one long hose. Just borrow a hose from another Starmix machine you have, and join them up.
Do keep in mind that distances greater than ­10 meters  result in a loss of suction. This is negligible with fine light dust, but may become more obvious with heavier materials.

View the hose and accessory range here

teaser grenzfaelle zusammensteckbare schlaeuche[1]



New Trade Tuff Auto Tools Brochure

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As Auto Taping Tools become more required in the industry, Intex is picking up the pace to supply the market.


Manufactured in Canada, with superior engineering and proven performance these tools set you up for an excellent finish with less fatigue.
With the full range of tools to take you from taping to finishing, nothing should hold you back once you are set up with the Intex Trade Tuff Auto Taping Tools.

Download the new brochure here

Or email us for more information



Intex at the 2016 Buildlink Conference

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The 2016 BuildLink Conference took place on the 14th April, attracting a large number of attendees to the Pullman Hotel in Auckland.

The event kicked off with an extensive Trade Show involving 57 suppliers, of which Intex Group NZ was a key player!
The Intex display was manned by the long-standing and experienced sales representatives, Mitchell and Eddy, and were showcasing the systems that deal Death to Dust!

The Starmix Dust Extractors and Zipwall Dust Barrier Systems are key players in this focus of Death to Dust!

Buildlink Show 2016



Death to Dust -Take No Risks!

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Whether on a building site, in business premises or homes - drilling, milling, grinding, sawing and sanding often create very high dust emissions


Without the relevant protective measures, the smallest of dust particles are breathed in. In the worst cases, these penetrate into the lung tissue, the alveoli, where they cause severe damage.

Timely avoidance of dust development through use of the highly efficient...... read more


Ban the Broom - Silica Dust

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Silica dust - do you know how dangerous it is, do you know how much it is around

"Construction work can produce silica dust. Exposure to silica dust is dangerous and can cause serious lung disease. Remove silica dust from a worksite, or control any exposure to ensure worker safety." (

Silica is a naturally forming substance, found in concrete, bricks, cement board an other construction products. The dust is released when the materials are disturbed through cutting, grinding, breaking etc.
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are required to remove and contain this dust when vacuuming this dust away.
Download full WorkSafe fact sheet here.

Do you have the right equipment to keep yourself and your team safe? If not, we are here to help.
Starmix Dust Extractors have been designed to work with fine abrasive dust including concrete and plaster, especially the ISCARD series.IS ARD 1450
Couple these with the HEPA filter set 419190 and you are ready for Silica dust!!

Check our the ISCARD range, then contact a retailer to purchase
(are you a retailer? contact us for your pricing)



Why Flex? Why GE5R?

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Good questions, here's the answers
Why Flex. Last week, when speaking with Tony Hutchins a drywall contractor of Tauranga, I asked him what system he used for sanding.

Logo Flex weiss Schutzraum Das Original-785

The response was as follows: "I use the power sanders, I have an Original Flex and the previous model Starmix, had them for 20 years and they are still going" 

Thank You Tony, now we know 'Why Flex'  
So next question - Why GE5R
We all know what a good job the 
Original FlexIntex Giraffe, and other power sanders do (thanks also to the Useit Superpads), but there is always that small border on internal corners that the power sanders just can't reach. This means you have to finish with sanding sponges, adding time to the job, and creating dust ... :(

Enter 'Flex GE5R' with 'Close Edge Sanding' and you problem is all but solved 

80134 GE5R Edge Sanding (1)-373GE5R-598-252

As seen in the image, the close edge sanding head has a section of the brush skirt removed, allowing the sanding disc to get right into two sided internal corners.

Now, for those sceptics out there, this really does work :). We have demonstrated this system to over 50 experienced users through New Zealand, and they commented how much time it would save. 
Now we know both answers, view further product details and videos
Or contact your retailer to purchase now (are you a retailer? contact us for your pricing)



ZipDoor - Contain That Dust

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ZDC in use  76971
Here's the deal - You are doing a good job repainting a house or office. You take the doors off to spray/roll them. While they are drying, you continue work in rooms with no doors. Sanding dust and overspray drift out the empty door way ... through the rest of the building... and you know the rest.

Clean up time vary's, as does the clients response :). 

What ever the outcome - ZipDoor can make it better.

ZipDoor - by Zipwall - is heavy duty, reusable, plastic sheeting with two zippers already adhered. 
Stick the double sided tape (included in kit) around the empty door frame (its a 14 day masking film, so don't stress) and then stick the zip door over top.
You have now effectively contained that dust.

Unzip the zippers to get into the room, then close them up again while you work, knowing that you client will be very happy

Fast, simple, effective. 
Clean up time reduced, and your reputation shining. You can now spend the saved time on another job, or just drinking beer.

View the range and information here
Find a
retailer , or as a reseller, contact us
for your pricing



Maurerfruend - New Render Tool Range

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Intex are currently working with quality German tool maker Maurerfreund (pronounced "may-a-frund') on a new range of render tools.
This 160 year old company fits in well as a supplier of Intex, having the motto of “Quality, not quantity“ and the focus of producing long lasting trowels.

We are selecting key items from this extensive product list to complete our render tool range including h-screeds, skimming trowels, plastic floats, and feather edges...


If you do have a specific product you would want/like us to source, let us know

Update - 12/09/2016

This product is moving through the final stages of testing now and soon to be released to the NZ market.
No corners are cut on the production of these tools, engineered to the highest standards they will perform beyond expectation. 
Key components of these trowels are the handles - and Intex is pleased to announce that we will be offering three high quality handle types: cork, leather, and rubber.



Full Circle - New Air Series

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Most everyone would have heard of or seen the Full CircleⒸ R360HUB - the round hand sander that doesn't flip or scratch and is up to 3 times faster than conventional hand sanders -
Well, this it still had one problem - DUST. And because of its speed and size, it put off more dust than the average hand sander. Full CircleⒸ and the entire drywall industry is becoming more aware of the hazards of dust, not to mention the extra work it causes.

SquareSanderAirSo, Full CircleⒸ have merged the effectiveness of the R360HUB with the benefit of vacuum sanding to create a fast, effective, AND dustless hand sander - the Air Series

This series is still in development but by what we can see so far it's going to be good
With it light weight and 98% dust collection, it will once again revolutionize the market.

Release dates are not yet known, but look out for more updates on these items from Intex

Update - 07/03/2016

This system is nearly ready to launch. Today we have received packing and pricing information from the manufacturuer

The kit includes

  • Round Radius360 Air - dustless sanding head
  • Rectangle Flex Air - dustless sanding head
  • Two piece pole assembly - hollow for dust extraction
  • Hose assembly with assorted cuffs

See the discussion here and post your view about the price



New Discount Structure

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Over the last few months, our customer support team has been developing a brand new discount structure, which we are really excited about.
The focus of this new system is to give you control over your discounts, with flexibility of overall discount groups and individual product group discounts.db06db0e-4ab2-4125-81b0-76ace560b3c4[1]-836
For example, you may attain to a 'Group 2' discount through overall spend, but as you purchase a lot of hand tools, you get a greater discount on the 'Hand Tools' product group - just what you needed.

We can't tell you everything yet because it is still in final stages of development, but what we can say is your discount will be based on previous quarter spend, and of course, bigger spend = bigger discount.
(By the way - 'quarter' refers to the month groups Jan - March, April - June, July - Sept, Oct - Dec)

We are releasing the full system in the second quarter this year and are very positive about it - knowing it will enable you to purchase what you need at the right price.
We will be selecting a number of stores to trial this system, but if you are interested, let us know and we will see what we can do



MegaRewards - The options are Yours to open . . . . Gift.jpg

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The Client Rewards have taken on a new dimension where the options are yours.

We will now distribute gifts at the end of the trading month, based on individual store expenditure, not just the individual order value, giving more option in the choice of your gift.

The more you spend the greater your Client Reward!

The Client Reward gifts range from a selection of popular Vouchers, through to GPS Systems, digital cameras, DèLonghi coffee machines, kettles & toasters, desk clocks, weather stations, quality wines & beers, glassware, gourmet food hampers. . . and much more!
Ask us for more info


Jungle Brolly - Amazing, new and unique!!

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SPE Systems has recently been appointed the Exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor of this amazing product.

Jungle Brolly is natural based liquid HandShield that has extraordinary properties. Not only does it protect your skin from ordinary dirt and grime, it also shields your skin from the effects of chemicals, solvents, acids, bacteria and many other harmful substances while moisturizing your skin and allowing it to breathe and heal normally!!

With wide application in the industrial, professional and household sectors, you can now get this product direct from SPE Systems or from one of our many outlets country wide.
Find out more…


NEW Flex Vario Sander

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SPE Systems is pleased to announce the addition of the all new Flex Vario Drywall Sander to their range.

This unique new machine has features and benefits that any drywaller or painter will appreciate. With a quickly detachable sanding head, the machine can be converted from a standard round disc sander to a triangle sander for sanding into corners. This feature along with its telescopic handle, ensures that sanding and preparation work can easily and quickly completed with a minimum of effort.

The addition of this machine brings to 4 the number of different machines available from SPE Systems for this industry. All SPE Systems supplied machines are professional quality machines designed to meet the demands of the trade and are well supported with complete service and overnight parts back up country wide.
Find out more…