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Our Guarantee To You

Intex Cliff Guarantee LLR
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to you
The Intex Group unique fourfold guarantee for your peace of mind.    
  Service Guarantee
Safe arrival of your order is guaranteed.
    Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Our assurance - 100% Your confidence.
We guarantee your satisfaction with every product purchased.
If you are not satisfied with any item simply return it unused in original packaging for replacement or credit
  No Dead Stock Guarantee
Simply means if you as a reseller cannot sell a mainstream Intex Group product within 6 months of purchase, we will do a "Stock Swap" - swap out the non-selling stock for a current moving item.
    Product Guarantee
We guarantee all our products to be free of defects in material and manufacture. All products must be used or installed according to manufacturers instructions and relevant Australian Standards. If a product does not meet our standard, we will, at our own option, replace or repair it or supply an equivalent product at our own cost.
Intex Group recommends that only those products, components and systems recommended by it be used. If this is not done, we will need to be satisfied that any defect in it’s products are not attributable to a cause other than a failure to meet our standard before this guarantee applies.

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