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Company Core Values

Core Values - we care
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The Intex Group Committable Core Values are the qualifications required to be part of the Intex Group Team - we care    
Work hard, play hard

Aim high and get it done.
Take a break and spend time with those you care about.
Empty your rubbish bin

Show humility - never be too big to do the small things that need doing. 
Choose to care
Connect with people.
Take the time to ask and understand.
Do what you can to help.

Always build on trust Be open and honest.
Build strong teams - "I've got your back."
Keep your word.
Do what is right
Radiate positive vibes
Life happens so celebrate it!
Light your own fire.
Live in the moment and don't take yourself so seriously.
Expect and embrace change

Ask questions.
Consider ideas.
Be ready to embrace change.