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Video Library


Flex Giraffe® Videos
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Flex Giraffe® GE5R in Action
Flex VARIO Giraffe® in Action

Full Circle Videos
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Radius 360° Introduction

Radius 360° Round walls, barrel vaults, domes & arches

Radius 360° Sand 12 - 20 ft. walls from the floor, without stilts

Radius 360° Power outlets, & hard to reach areas

Radius 360° Pre-sand for ceiling texture
Radius 360° 90 degree corners

Radius 360° Smooth ceilings with skim coat

Radius 360° On Wooden Ceilings

Intex® Taping & Finishing Videos
Intex® Automatic Taper in Action
Intex® Flat Boxes in Action

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HandShield® Liquid Gloves
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NatraPower HandShield®  - The Acid Test

NatraPower HandShield®  - Paint & Plaster

NatraPower HandShield®  - Hair Dye
NatraPower HandShield®  - Grease

NatraPower HandShield®  - Selleys No More Gaps

NatraPower HandShield®  - Lab Test

NatraPower HandShield®  - Every Day Use

NatraPower HandShield®  - Oven Cleaner
NatraPower HandShield®  - In the Hospital
NatraPower HandShield®  - With Spray Tanning

NatraPower HandShield®  - Liquid Nails Test

NatraPower HandShield®  - In the Hair Salon

PortaMix® Mega Hippo & Pelican Videos
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PortaMix® Mega Hippo Training

PortaMix® Mega Hippo Testimonial by Pro Floor

PortaMix® Mega Hippo Testimonial by All-Prep Floors
PortaMix® Pelican Transport Cart in action in Patrick Airforce Base
PortaMix® Mega Hippo on 25'000 SQM DegaFloor resin floor in the UK

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Starmix® Dust Extractor Videos
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Starmix® - The iPULSE Reloaded Starmix® - The iPULSE RELOADED

Starmix® iPulse Introduction
Starmix® iPulse Overview
Starmix® - iPulse Can It Break Overview 
Starmix® - Can It Break? – Bizarre foods (Episode 1)
Starmix® - Can It Break? – Hammer Blow (Episode 2)
Starmix® - Can It Break? On the farm (Episode 3)
Starmix® - Can It Break – The Junkyard (Episode 4)
Starmix® - Can It Break? – Bizarre foods (Episode 5)
Starmix® - Can It Break? – Suction Force (Episode 6)

Starmix® - Can It Break - A Racing iPulse (Episode 7)
Starmix® - Can It Break - Beer Festival (Episode 8)
Starmix® - The iPULSE reloaded

Useit® Videos
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Useit® Jost Super Pad Overview

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ZipWall® Videos
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ZipWall® In Action

Build Your Business Using ZipWall®

ZipDoor® by ZipWall® Demo
ZipWall® Overview

ZipWall® Double-Sided Tape Demo

ZipWall® ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels Demo

ZipWall® Super-Tall Spring-Loaded Pole Demo
ZipWall® Heavy Duty Zipper Demo
ZipWall® Standard Zipper Demo
ZipWall® Double-sided Tape Demo

LED Lights Videos
LED Lights Full Video
LED Lights® In Action
LED Lights® Under Water

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