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HandShield® Liquid Glove Success Stories
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the quick delivery of my hand shield I love this product so much it actually is the best thing for my eczema I've tried steroids all lotions through doctor but nothing works better than this amazing product of yours, thank goodness I found it on your site, one very happy customer!

Adele Claire D'Ath

May 2017
I have been using Hand Shield liquid gloves for many years. I tried many other types of similar products - some protected hands very well but left them greasy – some dried and absorbed quickly but did not work well or for very long - others were combinations of the above in varying degrees. 

In my experience Hand Shield gives the best combination of protection, moisturizing and non-greasiness. I use Hand Shield before work in the morning and after each time I wash my hands while at work. As I frequently work on diesel engines and work with solvents and heavy duty hand cleaners my hands are prone to ingrained grime, cracking and dermatitis particularly during the colder months.

Since using Hand Shield on a regular basis my hands are in much better condition, no painful cracks and virtually no ingrained grime. I wouldn't want to do without it. "    

Diesel Mechanic
August 2016
The product.. Well we have tried many hand shield products. We have some staff that have eczema and react to some products or find them ineffective.
Jungle Brolly has been our hand shield of choice for all departments. It has a nice fragrance, isn’t greasy and best of all works amazingly. We have guys in the machine shop that can work on machines all day where their hands are subject to all sorts of grime, chemicals and fluid yet after washing their hands you would think they worked in an office.. fantastic product we won’t use anything else.

Mel Barton
Purchasing Manager
GEA Farm Technologies NZ
Milfos, FIL, WestfaliaSurge, Houle, Norbco / / /
Hamilton 3242
Being in the metal manufacturing industry we were looking for an hand barrier cream that was easy to use, provide protection to the skin , and the ease to wash off.
Jungle Brolly  hand shield meet the criteria.
Intex Group where very professional with their service, advice and delivery . I can highly recommend them.
Thank you.

Eric Trimbach
Production supervisor- Bowmac / Mitek New Zealand Ltd
“I have only just started using this product and I have found it working almost instantly!
I used to have quite bad hands, cracking and splitting, but once I started using this HandShield, they have started to heal up properly. Another thing I find is my skin doesn’t break as easily when I knock my hands. I use it every day now.
Definitely a good product and would recommend to all farmers”

Bradley Archer
Dairy Farmer

New Zealand

Intex Success Stories
These guys are outstanding!
As always great service, great follow up phone calls after product sales. Always thinking outside the square along with problem-solving recommendations.
I have been personally dealing with Intex for a number of years now, in these years the service gets better and better.
I would recommend Mitchell and the team to anyone who wants a supplier as a partner for life!

Great effort guys!!!

Craig Edwards
Sales Manager
Decorative Supplies Limited
January 2018
Just want to say that I’ve received my order and wanted to give my thanks for your excellent communication and customer service.
I can’t fault a single step in the process and the personal touches made the experience of buying online very satisfying.
The Fibafuse tape in my opinion is much easier for a complete beginner to attain a tidy joint. The roller speeds up getting compound into the corners and it’s pretty much impossible to drop excess on the floor. I’ve only briefly used the sander but anything that stops dusty mess is a winner.
I’ve even got Georgia’s quote of the day pinned to my desk.
Top work!
Many thanks!
Ben Hainsworth
Fleet Systems Analyst
CablePrice (NZ) Ltd

March 2016
One of the most professional service oriented businesses I've dealt with.

Terry Watson
Resene Paints

Mt Manganui
November 2015
All I can say is that in my experience, purchasers both trade and retail, will gravitate down the line of least resistance. If the quality is there, the product readily available it is simply down to the easiest route to obtain the desired result. 

Eddie makes that route the easiest. He calls when he says he will, if we are busy, he acknowledges that and calls later, not pressing matters, always unfailingly polite and knows his product. He listens, he acts and most importantly he does not waste my time. Because of his attitude I will whenever possible make the time to see him or take his call, it would only seem fair, he’s owed at least that much. A pleasure to deal with. 

Steve Bateman 
Downtown Tools
5 Walton Street
July 2015

Portamix Success Stories
Portamix – It’s a game changer, saves so much time, fantastic. When you don’t have the Portamix with you on small 15 meter square jobs you tip out the mix and say, ah, no, this is going to take AGES….!

Stone Techniques

August 2016

The portamix is flipping brilliant, 120 batch mixes of white shiny coating down on the Paint Shop Floor in the Bentley Car Show Room, Crewe today!

Kenny Boyd
Resin Coating Specialists

August 2016
When we bought the Portamix we thought we wouldn’t use it much, now we are using it all the time, its brilliant.

Diverse Screeding


August 2016
Bought this in the last quarter of 2015 and it was “smashing…more handy than pumps on smaller projects because it saves setting up time.

Diverse Screeding 

August 2016
Bought this in December 2015 and I absolutely love it.

Roy Lane Ltd

August 2016
Used this in January 2016 as a sub-contractor for Orchid Flooring - “It makes a 2 man job a one man job. Very good and simple design"

Capital Flooring

August 2016
Ryan Dickinson & Portamix in action
Calm before the storm. 2,000 square feet of TRU PC

Ryan Dickinson
Owner, Custom Concrete Creations

Greater Omaha Area
April 2016
Brian Berry & Portamix in action
1000 bags Ardex FDM 500 bags gravel, 2 1/2" lift an the Hippo mixers worked fantastic!

Hippo In Action LR

Bought my first hippo just over 2 years ago, my pump now collects dust.
I have a 4000 bag pour coming up in New Orleans where they are requiring 1/2" of Ardex. My plan was to purchase 2 more hippos and run 8 for the duration of the mix.
I know Ben Mack quite well. I am an Ardex Level Master Elite and have been for around 12 years.
My guys prefer the hippos over anything we have tried.

pdf small Full testimonial here

Brian Berry
Owner of Advanced Leveling & Concrete Solutions, an Ardex LevelMaster Elite Installer / PanDomo Elite Installer

Phone: 469-583-5403 (Mobile)
Address: 16095 State Highway 205
Terrell, TX 75160
March 2016
I have used one of your mixers with orchid flooring we really like it. Its portable, easy to use, easy to clean and reduces mess a great deal.
Good tool for the job!

Jasson Green
Elite Resin Solutions

February 2016
I have one. It makes a 2 man job a one-man job, very good and simple design.

Asa Nuttal
Capital Floor Preparation

February 2016
I have 3 of them. THEY ROCK
I couldn't do what I do without them!
Those things saved my butt more times than I can remember!

Tom Dombalis
President at Atlantic Coast Concrete
February 2016
We have found the Hippo mixer to be a great bridge between the typical entry method of mixing self levelers using a manual held drill/paddle, a open barrel and a flat car for moving the mixture and those big self contained mixing / pumping machines. Our goal is to assist/inform our customers with " whatever new / improved methods" are being used ! This makes us and our direct customers better business partners and the final customer gains from this internal quest to constantly seek improvements !!

Garth Gaffney
VP of Decorative for HPS Schönox

February 2016
We have been buying your mixer through Unitec for several years now. It is, in my opinion, without equal for mixing floor underlayments and overlayments.

Webster Ryan
President at Superior Surface Solutions

Kansas City,
February 2016

Zipwall Success Stories
Hi Eddy, thanks again, the set up is awesome, they’re knocking out 2-3 checkouts in a hit and moving the set up across.
First visit Tues and was astonished by the complete lack of paint smell, in fact thought they weren’t on site but there was a guy painting away in there and definite paint odour in there.

So will be firing out an email with pics to the sales team up here as genuinely impressed.

Cheers, Russ
Russell Davidson
Resene Branch Manager

Auckland Central & South
Resene Paints Ltd
July 2015